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Ablution solution

(Published in "Principals Today" Term 1, 2002)

The table above shows clearly the money saved in the first 24 months that the Waterless Urinals were in use, at a co-ed college to the eastern suburbs of Auckland, even with the increase in water and wastewater charges in that period. The savings generated paid for the initial cost of the Waterless Urinals, that were purchased in 1999.



School Role


























Water and wastewater charges 

Saving water and money

Moreover, if the scientists are correct about changing climatic conditions, water shortages will increasingly become a grim fact of life in this country. And any remedies to impose and increasing financial burden-the Waikato pipeline is a prime example.

Consequently, we can no longer realistically expect water to remain a subsidized commodity. All of which means local authorities must look at ways of encouraging their communities to conserve water.

Given that millions of liters of potable water are being flushed in toilets throughout New Zealand every day, this would be a good place to start.  Over the past four and half years, local authorities schools along with restaurants and hotels through Australasia, have installed these Waterless Urinals.


A truly effective and water saving method is provided by Waterless Urinal System.

They recognise the environmental advantages and the positive effect it has on reducing both water consumption, and the impact on sewage treatment plants.

Above is a table showing the savings obtained utilizing Waterless Urinal at a co-ed College in the eastern suburbs in Auckland.

This school has two blocks of male toilets, one with six Waterless Urinals, installed at the beginning of 1999, and one six stall trough type stainless steel urinal. Also there is one WC in the gym for male use.

The figures quoted, were obtained from the Business Manager, and were taken from the school's annual accounts. The annual cost for replacement cartridges, for the Waterless Urinals is $480. Metro Water increased their wastewater charges by 20.49% and 8.4% 

In the year 2000 the drought in Hawkes Bay, Marlborough and Canterbury has demonstrated that New Zealand can no longer take a plentiful supply of water for granted.

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