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Urine Seperator for Composting toilet

Urine Seperator for Composting toilet


Introducing the Kiwi Innovation: Urinal Separator! 🚽🌿

 Say hello to our homegrown hero, the Urinal Separator, proudly crafted in the heart of Aotearoa, New Zealand!


Key Features:

  • No More Mix-ups: Tired of the traditional toilet tango? Our Urinal Separator is here to end the confusion. It's your personal bathroom traffic controller, ensuring number 1's and 2's stay in their lanes.

  • Eco-Friendly Mate: Designed with Mother Earth in mind, this Kiwi innovation is your ticket to a more sustainable loo experience. It separates your liquid gold (that's the number 1's) for easy collection and composting.

  • Simple Setup: DIY enthusiasts, rejoice! Installing our Urinal Separator is a breeze. It’s the perfect addition to your compostable toilet setup, making your eco-friendly journey even smoother.

  • Kiwi Toughness: Built tough as a pavlova base, this separator can handle the roughest of days. It's made to last, giving you reliability and durability that's as strong as a southern wind.

  • Local Love: By choosing our Urinal Separator, you're supporting local Kiwi craftsmanship. We take pride in producing top-notch products that are as Kiwi as classic fish and chips!


How to Use:

  • Fit it into your compostable toilet system.
  • Let it do its magic – separating the liquid gold.
  • Empty the collection container, and voila, you're all set!

Upgrade your compostable toilet game with the Urinal Separator — because who said sustainability can't be a little down-to-earth and downright Kiwi? 🌏💚

Get yours today and join the composting revolution! Kia Ora, Mother Nature!



This Kit Includes:

Urine Separator/Diverter: Crafted with precision & innovation, this high-quality separator is proudly made in NZ. Made from premium acrylic capped ABS plastic the large jointless surface area design minimises grime buildup, simplifying cleaning. Our urine separator ensures efficient separation of liquid waste from solid waste, optimising the composting process. You can even cut the top to suit your desired shape/size.



32mm Plumbing Fitting & Silicone Washer: This quality fitting allows you to drain liquids into a container or pipe them away effortlessly with a fixed piping system.


Cutout Template: Achieve a great fit with our precise cutout template. Use this to mark the cutout for the hole your Separator sits in.



Colour - White

Material - Acrylic Capped ABS Plastic

Model - Large Top Unit



Length - 450mm

Width - 450mm

Depth - 100mm

Bowl dimensions 320mm x 220mm


Installation: Installing our urine separator is a breeze. Using the provided template simply cut your hole & mount it on your platform/bench/box. Next install a toilet seat on top. The separator funnel can sit directly in the opening of your preferred collection container OR fixed to a pipe and drained away.


Why Choose Composting Toilets?

-Composting toilets offer a practical, hygienic & odourless solution. By separating urine from solid waste, these eco-friendly toilets optimise the composting process while saving approximately 60,000 litres of fresh drinkable water per household annually.



-No nasty black tanks or costly septic systems. Ideal for various settings, tiny homes, boats, RVs, motorhomes, cabins, campsites

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