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Green Drain GD2 one way waterless trap valve

Green Drain GD1.5 (36mm-44mm)


Introducing the Green Drain Odour-Blocking Trap Valve, the ultimate solution to keep unwanted smells out of your space! 


Why You Need It:

 Say Goodbye to Nasty Odours: Tired of foul odours sneaking in through your drains? The Green Drain Trap Valve is your silent guardian, preventing odors from entering your home or business.


🌍 Eco-Friendly Design: We're all about eco-conscious solutions, and so is this trap valve. It's designed to be environmentally friendly while doing an excellent job at blocking odours.


 Unobtrusive Protection: It works its magic behind the scenes, letting clean air flow freely while trapping odors where they belong—down the drain.


 Easy Installation: Installing the Green Drain Trap Valve is a breeze. It fits most floor drains and requires minimal effort to set up, giving you peace of mind without the hassle.


Ready to kick odours to the curb? grab your Green Drain Odour-Blocking Trap Valve now!


Here's to odour-free spaces and a breath of fresh air!


This simple, effective floor drain solution has already earned the regard of plumbers across the nation. Traditional floor drain technology poses a variety of problems in terms of maintenance and safety. The Green Drain™ solves these major problems in a big way.


Available in a range of sizes, if you are unsure of what size you need reach out! we are here to help. 

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