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Drain Unblocking Kit

Drain Unblocking Kit


Check out this great bundle!

We have put together a "drain unblocking kit"

Blocked drains happen at the wrong time, when you have guests over or a Friday afternoon!

So we have put together this great pack, to ensure you have the right product for the job should it happen to you.

What do you get:

✅️ X1 Green Gobbler dissolver this is two bottles in one, and dissolves hair, fats and grease.

✅️ X1 Green Gobbler 3 pac, you recieve three sachets of crystals which work a little quicker, and assists with fats,oils and grease. And includes a hair removal tool.

✅️ X1 Green Gobbler bio flow sticks, these help to prevent your pipes from being blocked, you simply drop one stick down your waste pipe every month.

Green Gobbler products are septic safe.

Available online only, grab yours today! Http://

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